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"...Part of growth is falling apart. Expectations fall apart. Confidence might fall apart. Sometimes we have to be stripped down to know it's time to grow. My goal as an artist is to make Donna and Sean proud. I draw my inspiration from their words and guidance, and the nature around me. I am in constant awe of the vivid colors the earth brings up. Art, to me, is a celebration of the Lord's creations. I believe our desire to create is

because we are "spirit [children] of the most creative Being in the universe."

I hope that through my art, people can see that there is joy in growth. Sometimes deconstructed, sometimes "put together," each phase of growth is beautiful. Just like a collection has individual pieces that work together— each of us bears our own burdens, but we are united in working towards meeting our Maker.



What's Your Story?!


How has God moved mountains in your life? How has he brought you closer to him? What's your "Jesus Story"?


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