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Charissa Burns is a watercolor artist and digital illustrator living in Beaverton, OR. She is a self taught artist and uses her God given abilities to create daily. She has loved creating things since childhood. She rediscovered her love for watercolor in recent years and has painted almost everyday since. She loves the way watercolor pushes her to let go. When a mistake is made, she works to redeem it by incorporating it into the piece as God redeems our mistakes. Much of her watercolor is floral and has inspirational quotes or verses hand lettered on them. With digital illustration, she has created a journal with 30 art pieces on what the Bible tells us about God. The journal can be found on Amazon and Charissa has plans to put together more journals to bring out the beauty of God’s word.

Charissa paints and illustrates playfully. Her one hope is for God to draw others to Him and to His word through her artwork. She believes that we all have a creative part of us as we were made in the image of the Creator and hopes to have creative ministry sessions in her local community soon.

Instagram: @charissaburnsstudio

Website: wwww.charissaburnsstudio.com