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Kelli is a modern impressionist painter living in Houston, Texas with her husband, little girl, and dog. She has been working in the art industry since 2011. Kelli graduated college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and continued her education, receiving a Master of Art Education. After graduating, Kelli pursued teaching and taught pre-k through 12th grade art.

In 2019, Kelli began pursuing a full time fine art career. She currently works out of her home studio in between playtime with her daughter. Her work focuses on capturing the vibrancy and wonder of life. Working in collections allows Kelli to highlight the stories God has allowed her to experience and placed on her heart to share.

Kelli’s work is vibrant and full of surprising color combinations. She uses specific color palettes to emphasize the message and emotion behind her work. In her recent collection, Kelli focuses on the source of ultimate peace and how one can experience peace in the midst of chaos.

“In my recent collection, The Farm: A Reflection on Peace in the Chaos, I tell the story of my journey to live a peaceful life. The collection shines a light on the power within peace that lasts beyond a moment, one that develops deep within us and isn't based on circumstances.

Each collection and color palette allows me to tell a story, a visual representation of the emotions experienced between moments.”

Instagram & Facebook: @kelliwassomart