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Hi! I’m Leanna Garcia. I am an artist who is passionate about not only sharing my voice through art but also in encouraging others to find that inner voice and to find the confidence in sharing it as well.

I am a self taught artist who paints mostly florals and bridal bouquets. I began painting this subject matter when I made the commitment to reading my Bible from Genesis to Revelation, back in 2017. Immediately, I was creatively charged and inspired by the Garden of Eden and the imagery the Bible gave. But the real inspiration came in Genesis 2 when Adam first saw Eve, his bride. His first words were, “at last.” That was really impactful for me. He had never seen her before, let alone any woman, yet when he saw her his soul was satisfied. He knew she was made for him. 

After I read that, I put my bible down and began painting a bridal bouquet as a symbolism of marriage. I titled it, “At Last.” It’s a piece that reminds me why I paint bridal bouquets and where it all began. 

I have always struggled with fear surrounding my art, but once I started painting as apart of my faith calling and not for myself but as a vessel for God to use, everything changed. My art is not about me, it’s about the message God wants me to say and who’s heart He wants to speak too, through my art. If I stifle the message, I stifle the blessing too. That is not God’s intention for my artwork. 

I’m grateful for the gifts He’s given me and I want to faithfully use them to bring Him glory and praise, and show others hope and love. It’s my sincere privilege to serve others through my work. 

With love, 


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