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Mannah Liu is a fiber artist currently living in Ball Ground, GA. She has always had a passion and a curiosity for learning and for making things by hand, a gene which is shared by her parents and 6 younger siblings. Shortly after graduating from Lee University with a degree in TESOL in May of 2019, she and her husband followed the call to pack up their lives and move to Hanoi, Vietnam to teach English as a foreign language. This was a beautiful experience full of intense learning and growth, but their time there was cut short due to circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and they were forced to return home in the spring of 2020. Since then, she has been happily focused on furthering her weaving skills in this unexpected time of waiting.

Mannah believes wholeheartedly that humans are inherently creative beings - it's part of being made in the image of God, the most infinitely creative being in existence. She believes too many people equate creativity only with being able to draw or paint, when really some of the most creative activities are things we can engage in everyday, such as problem solving, hospitality, service to others, and conflict management. When she creates, Mannah feels she is fulfilling a fundamental part of God's purpose for her life, and it brings her joy to empower others to look at creativity a little differently.

Instagram: @mannahliu