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I am an abstract artist and mom of 6 living in Central Illinois.

As a little girl, I always had a pencil in my hand, drawing horses and anything I was interested in. I loved color and every art class. However, much turmoil in my teen years from an eating disorder distracted me from art. I then spent 6 years attending three colleges finally to get a degree in clothing design. Interestingly, my final year meeting my art requirements was the place I lost myself in the joy of creativity again.

Marriage and birthing babies became a beautiful focus after college It wasn't until I became chronically sick with hypothyriodism, at the age of 40 that God quietly led me back to my love of art. During that time I would paint as a method of self-care. At 45, His grace and goodness have overtaken me. Finding myself again and nurturing myself back to full health with Jesus has been a huge victory. At the beginning of 2020 I embraced this calling and desire that my Father has always had for me as I began to paint in abstraction. I love the freedom in vibrant color and painting where He leads. I love to give personal messages and encouragement with my work.

I feel God's goodness and pleasure as I create with Him. How I have longed for this place, I am finally at home. My desire is to release the goodness of God from the resting place of His love. My life has been forever changed from brokenness to wholeness in my Abba Father. My heart is for others to experience freedom, breakthrough and the Father's heart through my work.

Instagram: @marniebaxter.art