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Freelance Graphic Designer and Artist

Lambertville, MI

I have been a perpetual doodler my entire life, so a career in art was inevitable. I obtained a BFA in graphic design in 2006 and have been a professional graphic designer for over a decade, working for a variety of companies and clientele.

A fews ago, I started to miss the freedom of creating without the constraints of a client. Because of my love for typography, I started with handlettering and calligraphy. The most inspiring forms of the written word comes from the Bible, so those are the first words I used to turn into art. This also became my favorite way to meditate on God’s word, fulfilling a spiritual need as well as a creative outlet. Building new ways to flex my creative muscles, I started painting directly into my journaling bible, then found objects such as old hand saws, saw blades, wood slices, globes, and then traditional surfaces such as signs, canvas, and paper. I began to sell my creations, giving people an opportunity to decorate their living spaces with scripture, which I pray gives them daily reminders of His love and grace.

I continue to use my artistic gifts to fulfill business clients’ needs, meditate on God’s word, and create inspirational art. The variety of work has blessed me with knowing my purpose –– that my hands are helping in more ways than giving businesses a visual brand — I’m helping spread the gospel.

Instagram: @rachel.royer.designs